National Binky Patrol: Comforting Covers
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Lincoln, CA. Binky Patrol
Our Mission-  To provide a sense of security and comfort to children that are seriously ill, traumatized, military families, Veterans, and the elderly or others in need through the gift of new HOMEMADE washable blankets lovingly created by volunteer Blanketeers.
Visit the nationwide Binky Patrol website at:
If you know a child in the area who needs a hand made blanket  for comfort, 
please contact us
Binkies donated 
to date to the 
Lincoln Chapter

National Director, 
Terrie Madruga

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There is a drop box on my porch for donations.

Please email if you need more information.  

Check out the other pages of this site for more details.
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Please see our Wish List on the How to Help page. 
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